Picture this...

A light breeze fills the air. An array of rainbow­-colored lights traces patterns on the stage. A saxophone solo erupts and the crowd roars. And there you are, front and center, a cold drink in your hand, soaking it all in. Because you are a true jazz enthusiast. You are a Jacksonville Jazz Festival VIP.

2018 Additions to make your experience even better:

  • A/C in VIP at the Hemming Park and Main Stages
  • New seating, layout and accommodations
  • Wristbands for VIP entry


Up-­Front Exclusive Seating

VIP Experience

Sure you could lug a lawn chair and binoculars around with you all day. Or, you could kick your feet up and enjoy the show (all the shows!) front and center with plenty of legroom at the Swingin’, Groovin’ and Breezin’ stages.

Reserved Parking

VIP Experience

There’s plenty of parking downtown but none of it is closer or more convenient than where you’ll be parking your jazz-­wagon! Why walk any farther than you have to when you could save your energy for dancing the night away, you party animal?

Beverages & Food

VIP Experience

Feeling a bit peckish? You don’t have to wander far when you’re at the Swingin’ and Groovin’ Stage VIP areas. Enjoy complimentary Coca-­Cola products, light snacks and tapas-­style small plates during selected times throughout the festival. Plus snag your complimentary alcoholic drinks at the bar with your drink tokens. Two drink tokens for one-day pass holders and eight drink tokens for three-day pass holders!

Climate-Controlled Restrooms

VIP Experience

Porta­-potties? Not for you, champ! Pristine, private toilets with actual running water and glorious air­-conditioning will make you forget the days of waiting in line, holding your nose and wishing you’d remembered the hand sanitizer. Comfort awaits!

Dedicated VIP Bars

VIP Experience

There’s little worse than waiting in line for drinks when the bands are playing and it seems everyone but you (and the 20 people in front of you) is dancing and having a great time. Don’t worry, you’re VIP, you don’t wait for drinks and it’s the only place at Jazz Fest you can find a full liquor bar! You walk up to your VIP bar and you get yourself a beer, wine or spirit! Who knew life could be so good?

Official Merchandise
VIP Experience

You didn’t think we’d send you home empty handed, did you? Your VIP swag­pack scores you a limited edition bag, lapel pin, sunglasses, and $5 coupon towards your purchase of $25 or more at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival Merchandise Store. Experience Jazz VIP’s also get the 2018 Jacksonville Jazz Festival poster and 25% off additional merch instead of the coupon.

Jacksonville Jazz Piano Competition Admission
VIP Experience
(Experience Jazz Package Only)

Witness live as the best of the best from across the country battle it out for all the glory. Your VIP pass guarantees you admission to this thirty year jazz fest tradition.

2018 VIP Package Pricing


New in 2018 VIP packages will go on sale Black Friday and have exclusive pricing through Cyber Monday at midnight.

3-Day Experience Jazz Package

Black Friday Weekend: $249

Tier 1: $289

Tier 1: $329

Tier 3: $359

Friday Discover Jazz Single-Day Package

Saturday Discover Jazz Single-Day Package

Black Friday Weekend: $129

Tier 1: $149

Tier 2: $189

Sunday Discover Jazz Single-Day Package

Black Friday Weekend: $129

Tier 1: $149

Tier 2: $189

For all order related questions, please contact the office of special events at or (904) 630-3690.