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Commemorative Poster

The 2024 poster design captures the St. Johns River’s essence with abstract, cubist elements inspired by Picasso, Braque, Klee, and Harper. It features Jacksonville’s wildlife seamlessly integrated into the river’s flow, symbolizing nature’s interconnectedness. Jazz musicians emerge from the river, reflecting harmony and collaboration. It nods to both Metropolitan Park and Daily’s Place, showcasing Jacksonville’s cultural evolution. Bold graphics and vibrant colors convey a dynamic energy, embodying the spirit of jazz and the river ecosystem.

2024 Commemorative Poster


Varick Rosete is a distinguished creative force with over 25 years of expertise in design, illustration and animation, and he’s an avid fan of music—all kinds of music. So much that he’ll constantly have something playing while working to enhance his creative flow. His impressive portfolio spans from renowned enterprise-level clients to cherished local mom-and-pop shops. Regardless of the scale, Varick’s unwavering commitment is to craft a truly exceptional design experience. His work resonates with a keen understanding of aesthetics, functionality, and the unique identity of each client, ensuring that every project he undertakes leaves a lasting impression.

Currently, Varick is the Chief Design Officer and Principle at TigerLily, a creative and production studio, where he lends his profound artistic insight and visionary leadership in animation and film, as well as co-owner of the Wolf & Cub boutique in Downtown Jacksonville, where his creative influence extends to designing and curating uniquely crafted products, and additionally, he showcases his artistic versatility under Varick Rosete Studio, where he creates, illustrates and crafts every other curious thing. Varick is always looking to push the boundaries of creativity and design excellence transforming concepts into captivating visual narratives…and have a good time doing it.

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